SD Lens on HD camera?
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Is a high-definition lens for an HDV camera the equivalent of a thousand-dollar audio cable? Is there any noticeable benefit for an amateur point-and-shooter?

I've been left nearly broke after my purchase of a high-definiton DV camera (Canon HV20). Canon makes a wide-angle lens for this camera, a high definition lens, the WD-H43. A much cheaper alternative is the standard-def version, the WD-43. I've come across a few enthusiast websites where the users obsess about minor aberrations in picture quality when using a SD lens on an HD camera, but would an amateur like me with no real designs on professional work notice anything at all?
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In HD the quality of the glass really does make a big difference because of the resolution.

On the other hand, the camera is HDV, so you're already compressed out the wazoo... (You do not to do swish pans, right?)

If you can afford it, the better quality lens with give you a better quality picture.
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you do *know* not to do swish pans... geeze...
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You might also get vignetting using the WD-43 (just a guess). I have the HV20 and the WD- H43. It makes a difference but not a huge one, just wait to buy it when you have more cash.
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I'd say that with a camera that's shooting to DV, you're not going to be able to notice the difference unless the lens you have is really bad and the new lens is really good. I myself and waiting for a nice solid-state 720p recorder, they'll be smaller, faster, and look way better than DV. I have a great DV cam right now, but honestly this is 2007, and I am recording an interlaced image to magnetic tape, which I have to play back into my computer to capture? I'd say don't go for the lens, but I'd also say return this thing, wait 6 months and get a mid-range 720p handicam when they drop below $1000.
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