So did they get asylum or what?
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We just watched the documentary "A Well-Founded Fear" as part of an immigration law class. It's excellent, and highly recommended. It does not, however, show how all of the cases were resolved. Do you know of anywhere we might find this information?

There's a email to the filmmakers pending, and the POV/PBS website has some information about a couple of the subjects, but not all of them. Even those denied asylum at the office covered by the documentary were actually referred to the immigration court for further consideration. A couple of these referrals seemed like good claims to us, and we'd like to know how they were resolved.
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Can you give us the names, dates & locations?
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Oh wait, I just saw you're in law school! Hit up your free lexis and westlaw account, friend. That's what it's for!
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We don't get full names, only first names. And even some of those are aliases. That's why I've resorted to this appeal...
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Exactly... westlaw/quicklaw may be your best bet.

If there was litigation(appeal, judicial review, other) after the movie, then for sure counsel would have brought up the fact that their story was part of the movie, and you may be able to search for that.
Otherwise It would take a bit more work. Narrow the time frame down based on the film, etc.
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If you got the jurisdiction where the proceedings were held and figured out the database (if any) where the IJ decisions are published, then you can search through them to see if any of the facts match up with the facts on the documentary. Then follow the case up through appeals.

You can't start searching at the admin appeal (BIA) level because they can do summary affirmances, so there might have no relevant facts in the opinion to match up. You can also check the immigration Art III appeals, which go straight to the circuit court and bypass the district court (as I'm sure they taught you in your class, right?!!).

This is a good test of your westlaw search skills...
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