Antique Chinese Ink Stone
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Where can I find an appraiser in or near New York City for this antique Chinese ink stone?

This ink stone belongs to my girlfriend's family and we have no idea how much it is worth. I have been told that there is a good chance it is valuable, and I know that it is very old, but I do not know what steps to take to find out particulars. I know that there is a huge world of antiques commerce out there and I do not trust my google skills or the yellow pages to lead me to the right places. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I have no specific knowledge of this area, but Christie's and Sotheby's are relatively easy places to go for an appraisal. You can call up and make an appointment with a specialist appraiser. I believe that a "preliminary" knee-jerk appraisal may even be gratis, but I'm not sure about this.
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According to Antique Roadshow you should use Appraisers Association of America or American Society of Appraisers

They also said you will most likely be charged a fee for the appraisal. You could find the nearest Antique Roadshow Tour to you and get it done for free, but they don't put anything in writing.
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