Surround Sound Movies?
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Can you recommend some good movies to watch that will utilize my surround sound, but won't put me to sleep?

I generally dislike action movies, but I have this surround sound system and I'd really like to watch some movies that would put the thing to use, as opposed to the quiet dramas that I usually watch. The problem is that I usually find action sequences that are not part of an interesting plot boring, plus an overabundance of gratuitous gunplay annoys me. I don't like "buddy" movies, crime action movies (unless the crime itself is interesting), war movies (unless they're obviously about how awful war is such as "Full Metal Jacket" NOT movies like "Saving Private Ryan" or "Braveheart"), or mafia/mob movies. There are action-esque movies that I have enjoyed, however, and hopefully someone can recommend movies that are similar. Here are a few:

Children of Men
The Island
Independence Day
Blood Diamond
The Fugitive
Sin City
Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Sci-fi and horror movies that people have enjoyed in surround sound are also welcome. Thanks!
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Too bad you said you didn't want to see Saving Private Ryan. The opening battle scene in DTS is pretty spectacular. The rest of the movie is meh.

The shootout at the end of Heat with the right setup makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the fight and you can hear shell casings falling to the ground from everywhere in your living room.
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Don't forget The Matrix.
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As strange as it sounds, the latest Disney/Pixar stuff can be pretty great this way. Finding Nemo has several amazing scenes (the seagull escape in the harbor is cool).

Also, if your system does music processing into surround, check out the effects you can get. Some purists sneer, but listening to 'The Wall' in surround adds a whole 'nother level.
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pupdog: I hadn't even thought about Disney/Pixar, but I can totally see how some of those movies would sound great.

And I'm definitely going to rewatch The Wall, which would have to be amazing in surround sound. Thanks!
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Koyaanisqatsi ? Phillip Glass soundtrack.
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Master and Commander...subtle, gorgeous, insane sound
Remember the Titans - the on-field action sounds are great
Requiem for a Dream - subtle but great utilization of all of your speakers
Saving Private Ryan - yep I know you said you didn't want to see it but if you ever change your mind the sound will knock your socks off.

This seems like a decent list. I'd recommend most of these. Some of the movies are not the best, but there's a lot of action there and the sound is good on most.
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The Fifth Element!
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And depending on how much you're into the big spectacle movies, The Pirates of the Caribbean flicks are awesome, you can't go wrong with cannons. Master and Commander for the same reason.

And for the record, yes, I used to sell these systems, and we tried out a lot of stuff to get good demos. The Lion King special edition with DTS that was put out a couple of years ago is great, the whole opening 'Circle of Life' comes at you from every angle.

And there's always the old standbys - Star Wars. The Original Trilogy was remixed, and the newer movies had some great sound, for their shortcomings. The PodRace in Phantom Menace is a lot better at a decent volume with surround.
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Try out old favorites, if this is a new system - you'll notice things that weren't there before. Lots of TV stuff is way improved with good surround, and you'd never realize it until you hear it.

Also, Harry Potter rules at this. Lots of ambient noise in the background.

I just keep talking.
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BLACK HAWK DOWN - I got a buddy that uses this movie to evangelize surround sound, and it makes a convincing case.
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I just watched My Summer of Love and really enjoyed it. The soundtrack is great, dreamy. It's somewhat quiet and reflective, but the sounds are delicate (i.e. water, a moped engine) and it might play nicely with a great sound system. Maybe look for movies with music you really like.
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Man, The Incredibles is a fine movie. I usually hate moves, especially Pixar turds, but this won me over toot sweet.
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Seconding The Fifth's even more fun (as if that's possible) with a good sound system.

Also, in the same vein as Koyaanisqatsi, Baraka.
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I'd think Apocalypse Now would fit the bill.
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Dude... check out Das Boot. The creaking of the submarine around you gives you a real feel for the claustrophobia of the experience.
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They're not action movies, but, often, things that appeared in Imax theaters have really good surround mixes. I'm thinking of Winged Migration, but there are plenty of others.

And it's hard to recommend music DVDs without knowing what kind of music you like, but there are a lot of good 5.1 music DVDs. The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and the Led Zeppelin DVD both sound really good, and I'm not even a big fan of either group.

Seconding the qatsi/Baraka-type stuff, too.
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Jaws is good on surround, I think.
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Watched that magician movie the other day...what was it called now... Had the bloke from X-Men up against the new Batman. You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off was there too.
Anyhoots there are some bits where they use electricity... oh Ziggy Stardust makes an appearance, with Gollum as his sidekick... they use this Telsa-invented device and you felt like you were right in the middle of this thing.

The Prestige. That was it. Good film.

If that's not up your street then I agree with ph00dz and have a look at Das Boot. Same sort of thing as with the electricity, makes you feel like you are in there with them.
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I, too, was going to say the Prestige.
I imagine tesla's machine firing up would be pretty incredible if it was done right (I, however haven't personally seen it in surround, so can't vouch).

Also, if you liked Sin City and Grindhouse, check out some of Robert Rodriguez' other films (Specifically the three Mariachi movies: El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. The production values get better with each one, but El Mariachi is the most interesting of the three.)
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Also, maybe Lucky Number Slevin? That movie's rather good if you don't think alot about the fact that alot of the plot elements only mostly make sense. Really well done dialogue, though.
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Here's a great way to do this - look at the list of movies that were contenders for the Academy Award for Sound.
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Seconding Master and Commander. The sound design in those naval battle scenes is mindblowing.
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Master and Commander won an Oscar for sound editing.
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seconding both "master and commander" and "black hawk down." i bet "braveheart" and "gladiator" would be neat, too.

as far as sci fi goes, "serenity" was a heck of a lot of fun. and, of course, "star wars" and "indiana jones" would be, too.
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The BBC Planet Earth will change everything, not so much a "movie", but at times it sure feels like one.
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Twister used to be the standard for showing off 5.1 sound systems, back in the day when DVDs were fancy and new.
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