I'm looking around the internets for Japanese radio webcasts (not music)...
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Are there any good Japanese radio stations on the internet which are not J-Pop?

Right now i'm in my 3rd year of Japanese study at university. In the summertime, i'm working on my kanji memorization, and also want to practice listening skills. So far I have been watching various j-dramas for the listening practice, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up the downloading (and disk space!) to satisfy my "habit".

I'm looking for a station that's comparable in content to NPR, BBC, etc. to help train my ears better. J-Pop and other musical genres don't really help me out much, because after a while I tend to blank out the lyrics and listen to the music. Free is better than not free, but i'm not wary of making a reasonable investment.

Any ideas?
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NHK Radio Japan, news in Japanese.
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Best answer: Here's a netradio list from a Japanese wiki that I bookmarked. I never got around to checking out many of them, but you might find some useful links.
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