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My opthamologist diagnosed me with convergence insufficiency. Can anyone who has been through treatment tell me whether it helped them, and if they thought it was worth the effort and expense?

Compared to other people, I have terrible depth perception and am very far-sighted. I also have double vision.

Because my vision has always been this way, I've adapted fairly well, but I'm pretty clumsy and can't play sports that rely on depth perception, eg tennis or baseball.

Did vision therapy make your life better?
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Best answer: I have this, but I have not been though treatment. I don't think it would be worth it for me, but yours is much worse than mine.

But you can pry my prismatic lenses from my cold dead hands. They're the only reason I can look at a computer screen without a headache. Definitely worth it.
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I had an opthomologist diagnose this for me, I bought the really expensive prism lenses, tried to do the exercises, tried to get used to the lenses (which the opto said would take a while to get used to). I was not as bad as you describe. I couldn't get used to them. While on vacation visiting my old hometown, my glasses frame bent and I went to my old opto. He was super surprised that all of this had been advised. He retested and said it wasn't needed. He was so convinced he promised a full refund on the glasses he made for me (without prisms etc.) if I didn't like them. He was right. No prisms, just a better prescription. No regrets. YMMV.
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