Nerf baseballs?
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Whatever happened to Nerf softballs/baseballs?

Asking for a friend:
When we were kids, we had a TON of yellow nerf baseballs. (They were baseball sized, but had the outer softness of a softball, and generally threw like a baseball). My friend ate ridiculous amounts of Cap'n Crunch, and the balls were a mail-away prize from that cereal. They were great for hitting out in the schoolyard, and we're reliving our childhood through activities (dirt bike riding, stickball, etc) so we want to get some new copies of the old classic. We can't seem to find these balls anywhere online. Ideas?
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It's not Nerf, but I used something called Soft-Strike when I was a kid. I don't think it was marketed for Teeball back then, but it looks like the same product.
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Response by poster: These were were yellow, and the outer casing was molded plastic/rubber (no contrasting stitching) to look like baseball stitching.
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Best answer: Try this.
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Response by poster: Sweet!
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