Multiple Copy & Paste shortcut keys.
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How can I have multiple Copy & Paste shortcut keys at the same time on Win. XP?

I am looking for a way to setup my keyboard so that I can have up to 3-4 separate Copy & Paste functions at the same time via the keyboard.

I am using Windows XP
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To clarify, do you want each copy/paste function to work independently (ie. store different things at a time)?
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Best answer: I think Clipomatic might work for you. It allows you to keep the last several bits you've copied in a clipboard, and paste them at will via keyboard shortcuts. It also allows you to set up custom clipboards that contain much-used text chunks.
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Ditto is fantastic (I used arsclip for a while, but it didn't play well on my system). Not exactly as you described though..
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I'm sure it's overkill... but AutoHotkey is definitely going to be useful for this. If you go this route and need assistance creating the script for it let me know.
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