Does anyone know of a company that makes a single metal file drawer?
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Does anyone know of a company that makes a single file drawer? I mean in metal (or some other sturdy material, ie. hard plastic) like a file cabinet but with only one drawer. I found this, but this is carboard, so not good for my purposes, but the form is perfect. I've searched and searched on the internet and I can't find anything, but it seems like something that should exist. Can anyone help?
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Fellowes makes steel reinforced cardboard storage drawers, which are the frequent-use version of the one you posted. You can snap them together into quite impressive sized walls.

Target has some disguised as furniture. They aren't as deep as banker boxes but much less unsightly.

Then there's those inexpensive and simple plastic tubs intended as portable file cabinets. Just about every big box department store/office supply places carries some variation on this. They load from the top, though, not from the side.
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Dr. Byte stackable file drawers would seem to fill the need.
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OfficeDepot has a few online, but they both have legs, too. I feel like I saw exactly what you're talking about at the actual store, however.
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Maybe this?
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Aha. I think this letter tub is what I saw in the store.
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The link in your original post doesn't seem to work for me, but I have a single-drawer file cabinet, made of steel, with casters so it rolls, from Ikea. I think it cost me about $50.

In addition to the file drawer it has a smaller, maybe 3" deep, drawer above it.

If you have an Ikea store near you, you might find something if you just go in and look in the office-supply section.
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If you are a billionaire, you might like the nice wooden ones from Levenger.

I am a billionaire.
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