Pain under foot when waklking.
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Yesterday I started feeling pain when I walk. It happens when my foot is bent upwards, before taking your foot off the surface.

The pain happens right in the middle of 4 and 5 on this picture :

What could it be? Should I see a physiotherapist?
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I would imagine a doctor could give you a more accurate diagnosis than internet strangers like us. Go see one if the pain continues after a few days.
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bottom of your foot, or top of your foot?
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Bottom of foot.
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Definitely go see a doctor, but also think about your shoes.. maybe it's time to go get a new pair, or at least some inserts. New, comfortable shoes can make a world of difference in how walking around feels on your feet.
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Is it with all pairs of shoes, barefoot, etc? I have same issue when I wear sandals, but am fine in regular shoes. I just don't wear sandals as often as I'd like.
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I've had this too, and it went away on its own (possibly stretched tendons). I didn't see a doctor for it but I'd recommend going to see one for anyone else. Other than that, give your foot a rest to see if it heals up.
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IANAD, but it sounds like a tendon thing. Don't wear sandles, don't go barefoot, make sure you have arch support, and if it keeps up for a while go see someone. If you've been doing a lot of walking barefoot or in sandles lately, it could just be a cumulative thing.
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It could be plantar fasciitis, could be a strain, could be a sprain, could be sesamoiditis, could be any number of things. There's really no way to tell with the information you've provided, and even if you provided a whole lot of information, the only way to tell what is actually wrong would be physically examining your foot.

I'd say to schedule a visit to a PT. In the meantime, while you wait for the appointment, rest your foot as much as you can and wear different shoes than the ones you've been wearing. If you have recently switched from a shoe with a heel to a flat shoe, switch back to the one with the heel and see if that helps. If it does, you will want to mention this to the PT when you see them.

Good luck, I hope you feel better.

(IANAPT, yet.)
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It seems pretty far forward to be plantar fasciitis. That you usually feel in your arch or heel. Morton's neuroma or Metatarsalgia would seem more likely for the area you describe.
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Were you wearing sandals or shoes that require you to hold the shoe on with your toes in some way? Pain in that area is really common if you're using your toes to stabilise your foot or keep your shoes from sliding around. The good news is it will go away after a few days of waering soes that fit properly.
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I've been wearing new balance running shoes for the last year. Maybe it's time to get a new pair?
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Is it in the joint itself? Maybe a long shot - but if the pain is in the joint between the toe and the foot and you haven't done anything to injure your foot it could be gout.

I say "long shot" because normally gout is in the joint between the big toe and foot.

The only way to tell if it's gout is a blood test (to measure your blood uric acid level). The pain is actually caused by uric acid crystals that have precipitated in the joint.

If it is gout, there's nothing you can do for it except take Ibuprofen (which actually works really well). But when the pain goes away, you'll need to alter your diet or take medication to reduce your blood uric acid levels.
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I have to contradict monarch75 - it's very unlikely to be gout based on what you describe. Gout is usually in the big toe (though other joints may be affected), and it hurts a lot all of the time, is red, swollen, and hot . . . also, blood uric acid levels are not helpful in diagnosing gout - only joint aspiration for urate crystals is diagnostic.

I would recommend seeing a general practitioner who can either diagnose you or refer you to a PT or other specialist as needed. Definitely make sure your shoes are supportive and well-fitting and avoid flip-flops.
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