I smell gas
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We just moved in to a new apartment with a gas stove/range. When we run the oven, even though the pilot light is lit and it heats up, there is a strong gas smell. We freaked out and turned it off but is this dangerous? Is it possible that it just smells of gas right away but it would dissipate in a few minutes? I would call the landlord right away but we already called with a laundry list of problems today so I'd like to avoid a follow up if at all possible.
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Mine does this as well...for a few minutes there is a gas smell and then there are clicking sounds, and then--whoosh--it lights.
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Best answer: Call the gas company and tell them you smell gas. They'll send someone over right away to let you know if it's OK.
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My oven does that too. my GF moved into a house with her first gas stove, and when I lit it the first time, she freaked out from the gas smell and ticking sounds ... while I thought it was perfectly normal.
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Be sure to check the pilot lights for the stove-tops. Most stove/oven's have two-pilot lights on top -- each "serving" two surface burners. If either one is out, you'll smell gas.

As others have mentioned regarding the stove, when you turn it on there is often a slight delay before the ignitor (pilot) lights the 'oven burner' and 'flame spreader'. Thus you will likely smell gas for a short period -- before the gas has been ignited and 'burned off' by the stove elements.

If the smell persists, by all means call the gas company as Etaoin Shrdlu suggests.
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Figure out what it has to light the oven. Old gas stoves had a pilot light always on. Newer ones like mine have a glow bar that glows red hot and ignites the gas. If it clicks, there's a sparker that ignites gas. I get a brief gas smell before the glow bar is hot enough.
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Make sure all the pilot lights are actually lit. When I moved out of my last apartment, I turned off the gas valve to the stove for safety, and my idiot landlord called me up wanting to know why the "oven doesn't work!"

I had to walk him through lighting 1 oven + 2 stovetop pilot lights.
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I'll second calling the gas company. They'll send someone out who will even light the pilot for you if neccesary.
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Have you looked at the pilot light? Sometimes you'll get a build up of white powder or residue around the pilot light. When you turn the stove on, this residue burns, and you get the funky smell.
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Best answer: I will echo the others who say to call the gas company if you are unsure of it. If you've never cooked with gas, it can take a little while to become comfortable with how gas stove tops/ovens work.

That being said, the most dangerous situation is when the oven/stove is OFF and you smell gas. You say the pilot light is on, so I doubt that you are in any real danger. Any excess gas is going to be burned off by the light. I would run the oven for 20 minutes and see if the smell of gas is still there at all.
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