Need help finding old valentine cards
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Trying to find the valentine cards of my childhood. some of you might remember passing out these 32 card sets between teh ages of 5 and 12 in class. When i was a boy we used to pass out valentine cards to everyone. Growing up there was Transformer, Dukes of Hazards, and A Team cards. I am looking for find these genre of cards again. I am going to start using them as my calling cards in a way. If anyone wouldnt mind showing me a place that might sell them. I looked on ebay and didnt have much sucess. Maybe i am not typing in them search field right. Thank you in advance.
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Party stores? Maybe one on line would have them or know where they can be had.
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Here are Ninga Turtles and Mario Bros, not quite what you're after, but close.
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Here are some superhero ones from 1982. These are probably used, but you could always scan the fronts in and add your info on the back, and then print them out on cardstock.
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If you're trying to find those actual cards, it's going to be tough, especially unused boxes. If you just want the cheaper, bulk-boxed, cartoon/TV tie-in type, best bet is probably January at just about every chain store, or summer-ish at a Big Lots/Job Lot type place. I was in a dollar store (no chain, the really cheap independent junk store) about a month ago and they had several boxes of Pokemon and Disney tie-in cards. they're pretty much a cheap commodity product, not something that's going to be stored off-season much, a lot like finding easter candy in the fall. Whatever doesn't sell in season is getting dumped on a liquidator or recycled.
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I've been able to buy these every year in grocery stores or drug stores, but only in the weeks leading up to valentines day. If 8 months go by and you still haven't found a good all-season source, you should have no trouble getting them in the seasonal section of a local store. (Maybe you already knew this, but your question sounds almost like you think kids don't pass these cards around any more.) A bonus with the newer valentines - a lot of them include temporary tattoos! :D
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Having said that, here's Michael Jordan Valentines

Some Pirates cards...

Seuss sellout cards...

Even some MCR cards for your love/hate relationship
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maybe it's just the wrong time of year? ;)
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Response by poster: Well i wasnt able to find any. I want to start using these in my picking up of women. I like to leave my number on these and give them to a special girl i meet a night. i was trying to think of a valentine card that screams volumes about my character and me giving a girl a child valentine with the dukes of harzard on it would really be me putting who i am on the card. Also since these cards come like 32 in a pack it like 10 dollars for these cards would be a cheap investment for a lasting memory. I dont think there is a woman anywhere that has reserved in her mind enough valentines in her day and one be giving in mid june would be memorable. thank you for alot of the advice being sent i might just try to make my own with scans from the front like one person suggest and post them on card stock. Maybe alter the messages in them some.
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I don't know. I think I'd be kind of weirded out if a guy at the bar gave me a kid-oriented valentine.

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Yeah, I have to second the kinda odd vibe. Possibly a set of MOO minicards with some cool photos on them (NOT of yourself, that would be kinda creepy too).
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It's a cute gimmick, but her obvious response is either, as the women above said, to be "weirded out" or else to think, 'hey, don't these things come in huge sets? How many of these does this guy give out?'

The Moo minicards are a good idea. Or just buy some computer card stock and make up some of your own.
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I do think it is sweet that you want your own calling card, though! Designing your own will really make them more personal.
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If either you or your potential valentine is a Simpsons fan then I heartily suggest you go with I choo-choo-choose you.
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