last minute tickets to 930 club?
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How can I get tickets to tonight's sold out The National show at the 930 Club in Washington, DC?

Nothing on ebay so far.
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Alternatively, try calling the promotion company and wheedle.
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Where do I find reliable scalpers?
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The DC Craigslist has a pretty active ticket resale community. Try there.
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Good luck, and be prepared to pay for them.
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Oh my. I'm doomed.
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Show up early and ask every single person walking twoards the venu if they have any extras. It's hard to do until about the fifth person, and then you go into robot mode. I have never failed to get into a sold out show using this method, and have never had to pay over face value either. Plus, you can bond with the other people outside doing the same thing.

Paying over face for GA shows is for suckers. (If it's assigned seating and you need to get close and have two together, go ahead and pay scalper prices, you only live once.)

There are always people with a friend that canceled that are happy to get some extra drink money for an otherwise useless ticket.

If all else fails, sneak in. This is really not that hard at smaller clubs, just go around back, find smokers and follow them back inside.
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Email either the bookings person or the publicist person listed on their website .

Also, if you cannot get a ticket, the show is being broadcast live on NPR tonight here.
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There are always people with a friend that canceled.

Exactly. Just be patient outside the venue. Ask those showing up. Don't pay above face and just wait it out.
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Email either the bookings person or the publicist person listed on their website .

I wouldn't recommend this. I work at a live music venue and the last thing I want to hear on the evening of a sold out event is a whiny customer complaining he/she didn't get tickets, and wants to be an exception to "Sold Out." Most will just respond "you should've bought them sooner." (well, you should've...)

If you do decide to wait outside the venue, don't do it right in front of the box office window. That's a good way to get the boot.

Good luck!
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Like the above, I've had good luck with just walking around saying "Need 1. Help a fella out." So just in case you need more people recommending it to talk you into it, here's your post!

Usually you end up finding someone more than happy to make back the money from someone who couldn't make it.

If the show is sold out, the line will snake away from the front door and down the block, so being in view of staff won't be a big deal. Just walk the line not making eye contact and mumbling that you "Need 1." If someone hassles you, move on. Be prepared to fail so you can be pleasantly surprised when you succeed. I've not been to the 9:30 Club in like 9 years, so I guess maybe it has changed.

I couldn't imagine how to sneak in in there without relying on finding sympathetic staffers, but if I were them, no way I'd risk my job over letting someone I didn't know in...
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