Need a very large, very light duffel
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I need to buy a gigantic, lightweight (under 4 lbs) duffel bag. Basically a light fabric sack with handles. And I need to get it today, in Los Angeles. Any ideas?

Size: around 20" diameter, 30" length

Piggyback question: Also appreciate suggestions for where to buy good quality, very large, wheeled duffel bags for cheap.
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Response by poster: Slightly smaller (16" diameter, 25" length may work), but not much smaller.
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A sporting goods store, preferably one that sells team bags which are about that size.
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Surplus Store, near Culver City.
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Sounds like a hockey equipment bag. I expect that an equipment bag for football would be about the same.
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Response by poster: and these team bags are also very light? (packing for a trip and I have MAYBE 4 pounds extra to work with)
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go to REI. They have it.
Don't know if there's one in LA. Look through the store locator on their website
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REI has a lot of huge duffel bags for gear that meet your weight restrictions and come close to your size requirements.
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Not necessarily the cheapest, but try REI. (I think there's one in Santa Monica, one in Manhattan Beach).
They make, or used to make, a line of "Transformer" duffel bags that fit your criteria - I used to use one that was the size of a "hockey bag" when full but the size&weight of a sandwich when empty. Backpackers need bags like this to pack their gear in when travelling by plane (big backpacks themselves make lousy airplane luggage) that are then easy to carry in their pack. So you should find something like it in outfitter-type stores if you describe what you're looking for.

For cheap, any "Army" Surplus store will have overseas GI duffel bags for about $20. Made of canvas or nylon. Get two to hold the amount you describe.

No wheels, though. Anything with wheels is going to weigh more than 5 pounds itself.

Where ya going?
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I came in here to say what Winston said. A senior goalie bag or Jr. Goalie bag will meet\exceed your needs. Some player bags will be big enough too.

I live on the east coast so I don't know what shops are in LA. Anaheim is close though right? Hockey giant has a store there.

Cheap bags, can find plenty on their site, but here are some examples:
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Response by poster: Success. Went to Big 5 and got cheap, super light, huge duffels for $20 apeice. Thanks to all
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For anybody else who checks out this thread, I use a large laundry bag with a handle (designed to carry laundry down to the mat) as a supercheap duffel.
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