What is the best way to run a proxy website?
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Looking for some insight and personal experiences running a proxy site network..

I'm looking to start my own proxy network. I'm going to start off with one site, then once (or if) it becomes successful branch out into multiple proxys. I'd like to do things right the first time. I'm going to get a dedicated server to host from...

I see there are 3 major proxy scripts..PHProxy, CGIProxy and Zelune..any opinions on which is the best?

If anyone has ever ran a proxy site or has any advice to give me I'd greatly appreciate it. Success stories, marketing methods etc are greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)
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Make sure you look into squid.
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There are only two major scripts and a handful of up and coming scripts that can be used for proxy sites. Two major ones are PHP Proxy and CGI. Both are great in their own way and people use them with equal ease depending upon their needs. However, there are a few basic differences between the PHP Proxy and the CGI Proxy scripts, which are briefly listed below:

Speed = when compared, the CGI Proxy is faster than the PHP Proxy.

Security = Both scripts can be configured to accept the SSL support

Space = the PHP Proxy need very few server resources and it is easier to upload though, it will require a much larger bandwidth. The CGI Proxy on the other hand is exactly the opposite it uses a lot of servers resources but requires a minuscule amount of bandwidth. Therefore, it depends on you and your requirements which one you will choose in the end.

I used to flip proxies on sitepoint. Good money real quick. There are some important tips:

1. Must have more then 1 proxy. Eventually it will get blocked and then your scewed.
2. Have it hosted on VPS.
3. Will need lots of bandwidth
4. Block certain countries that have a low or no click rate.

Other tips can be read here: http://namebrandtoast.com/guide.pdf

I used to configure and sell uniquest proxies, have since sold the buisness but the new owner does a good deal. If you have other questions, contact him through the site and tell him bleucube sent ya.

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PS. Squid is not the type of proxy your looking for.
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