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My wife and I are walking the Portland (OR) marathon this fall. Any recommendations on which hotel to stay at during our long weekend in the city? Somewhere close to start/finish, downtown amenities, 3 stars or better?
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It's quite spendy, but a friend of mine stayed at River Place Hotel when her company sent her to Portland a few years ago, and it was really nice. It's on the edge of downtown, walkable to the city's waterfront, and I believe it has streetcar access now. It's also got a nice restaurant with good wine list.

Other friends have stayed at the Inn at Northrup Station. It's a little further out from the marathon start, but also less expensive than River Place, still pretty nice, and on the street car so you can quickly ride to downtown. There's no on-site restaurant, but the rooms have mini-kitchens and you're in easy walking distance to one of Portland's great neighborhoods, with more yummy food and amenities than you'll find downtown.

The most central option I have any familiarity with is the Portland Hilton. I can't vouch for any of the rooms, but I've eaten there a few times and the lobby is nice and the restaurant is pretty good. It's also about a four block walk to the start of the marathon.
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Oh, and see you at the marathon!
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Hands down my favorite hotel is the Hotel Lucia for affordable luxury.

i've also wanted to check out the Ace Hotel.
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Some possibilities in the 4* range:

The Heathman -- On the park blocks, a bit on the south edge of the retail/restaurant core of the city, but still within walking distance of everything, including the Perl district. This is the hotel of choice for my traveling friends. Expensive, but I've heard of people getting deals.

These next three are all within a block or so of each other. Good walking access to all of downtown and the Perl. They are a bit spendy, but you can often get deals on them on priceline if you bid for a 4*

The Benson -- I get this one on priceline a lot. Nice hotel, Bar with nice jazz in the lobby.

Hotel Vintage Plaza -- I've scored this one once on priceline. Rooms are a bit more stylish than the Benson, though I found the style a little ironic.

Hotel Lucia -- I've only been in the lobby and bar downstairs, seems nice. Friends have been very happy with the rooms.

I've also stayed at the riverfront Marriott, which was just fine. It's a little bit of a walk to things like Powell's Books and the Perl district, but really close to the riverfront park. This may be closest to the marathon start and finish.

I've also stayed at the Doubletree near Lloyd Center, just on the other side of the river. The lobby has a bit of a dated and nevada'y feel to it, but the rooms are clean and comfortable. Access to downtown is easy via a nearby Max station and you can walk to the bustling shopping/restaurant area that's a little to the north and east (on Broadway, I think)
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The previously mentioned RiverPlace is a good choice, IMO, because it's really close to 1-5 access in and out, and it's super close to the streetcar, which links you to MAX. Between the streetcar and MAX you can get within a few blocks of pretty much anywhere you want in downtown. Becase the RiverPlace is on the edge of downtown, the driving/parking is much less of a hassle than with a centrally located hotel like the Benson.
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Good walking access to all of downtown and the Perl.

Not to derail, but this gave me a chuckle. Perhaps you could get a cup of Java and head down to the river to walk along the C wall?

Regarding your question, I've stayed at 6th Ave Suites and was unimpressed. We were on a pretty low floor, though.

The Governor, Benson, Lucia and Vintage Plaza are all probably fine.
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Cool! Thank you all for your suggestions. Croutonsuprafreak... I'll be the one on the stretcher around mile 18. :)
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The Benson has Tempur-Pedic beds and is very nice. Road noise can be a problem, if you are a light sleeper.

The Days Inn City Center is a few blocks south of the Benson, quieter and cheaper. It's no luxury hotel, but very clean and has good service.

Never stayed at Hotel Lucia, but I'm probably going to recommend it to visitors if the Days Inn is too low class.
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I posted this in 2006 and got a lot of great recommendations. We ended up staying at The Inn at Northrup Station-- a great place.
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