Help me find this awesome watch!
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Please help me find this [very cool] watch.

I saw it on TV many years ago, and the best I can find on the internet are these two links:

Link 1

Link 2

It goes without saying that E-bay and the many cool watch links throughout mefi and askmefi are of no luck. The manufacturer's website ( is closed.

Any ideas?
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As someone who just asked about finding cool watches I'm psyched about this question. Rad watch.
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Here is a link with some more information and context, calling it a "Montres à Tact 'Secrecy Eye' Touch Watch."
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And here are three more links:

The url for what seems to have been the company ( is not working;

in french;

this claims that it was a commercial failure.
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I too have lusted after this watch ever since I saw it on television about ten years ago. I went so far as to write the producers of the show for the inventor's address. He lived in Napoli (Naples) but I didn't know anyone who could write in Italian so I gave up (the address is long gone). Thanks for reigniting my interest,
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Here is Italian contact info and here is a Swiss address and phone for Touch Watch LLC. These were valid in '98 and '99 respectively. Anyone care to check them out?
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Wow cool! I want I want!!! No answer yet, but I'll see if I can find something.
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Not the same watch, but the same basic concept: braille watches can be found on the internet. Here's an eBay seller that sells 'em for $75.

Admittedly, not as cool as the one you're looking for.
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I've been scouring the web since I saw this question. Please post a follow-up, yet.another.
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I found this page, which has a little more info.
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Here's another watch that ain't quite as cool as the original. The dots don't raise and lower according to the time, and there is no code, but the design has some similarity.

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I've found a rare watch (a "digital lipstick watch") by posting a request in this watch maker's forum. An American living in Japan replied; he had a small stock of them, and sold me one. It was an expensive and unique present for my mom, and it worked out great.

I'll gladly forward you his contact information in case you'd like to talk to him. Email in profile.

Alternatively, post these photographs and see if someone has it. If it is not produced anymore your best bet are people who collect them.

Good luck!!
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Not the same watch, but the same basic concept: braille watches can be found on the internet.

@Civil_Disobedient: While I can see how people who are blind may find that watch useful, that's not actually braille, eh?

(For what it's worth, I'm not blind but I am a bit of a watch geek. I'd be rather intrigued by a braille watch, if such a thing should exist.)
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Response by poster: Just a quick update, for those following along here...

I did post this on the forum from olya's post, but no good leads yets. Sigh...
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