Where K5 at?
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I miss Kuro5hin. Is there any other such site where you have a community of people with miniblogs?

There was a time when you could write on K5 and create interesting discussion. You knew a number of user names, there were insider jokes, intelligent discussion and so on. Then it went downhill and stayed there.

Is there any alternative to K5? A place where one can write mini-diaries that are actually read within the community - and do this without revealing ones real identity.

Just blogging is no fun, because there is no connection to the readers. I want something like K5, but with smart discussion on a variety of topics.

Anyone know a site like that?
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HuSi, you'll even see familiar faces who decamped from K5.
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No, not Husi. Husi is slanted in a particular direction. I get the feeling that they are all 40 year olds with interests in babies and wine.

I'm looking more for smart discussion about technology, politics and science. Not babies.
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Metachat. Much less ranking there too, which is good.
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No miniblogs on Metachat. Maybe Everything2 (does it have miniblogs?)? Livejournal? Vox?
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have you checked out memestreams?
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Download a copy of Drupal and start your own.

Drupal has improved a lot in the last year or so, and it does exactly what you want feature-wise.
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When K5 stopped being interesting (right around the time the diary feature first appeared, basically turning what was once K5 into some kind of livejournal-esque thing) I started hanging around here. Maybe LiveJournal itself would give you what you're looking for? It seems to be built around diary communities.
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Yayhooray are still going strong.
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If you find it, let me know.
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Me too... I left K5 a few years ago and miss it.
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HuSi definately has a different vibe (and an inferior vibe, IMHO) than old school K5, but if "I get the feeling that they are all 40 year olds with interests in babies and wine," is your take, you need to give it another shot because you're waaaaaay off the mark. Log in and try out the black hole some time.

Yeah, I'm not really answering the question. Just wanted to chime in and say that I've very nearly posted this Ask Me a couple times.

Uhm, just to pretend to answer the question: All those social networking sites (e.g. Facebook) have the technical ability to do this. Maybe carve out your own clique?
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