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Looking for a decent (used) sport parachute.

I currently have just three AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) jumps under my belt, and I want to become a licensed skydiver. I want to purchase a decent parachute (full rig), preferrably with a main canopy somewhere in the ballpark of 190 square feet. Where is the best place to look? I have tried ebay, but there really isn't much there.
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Here's one place to look. Also, do you subscribe to Skydiving magazine? They regularly have used gear for sale in their classifieds.

Be extra careful when buying used gear.
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I can think of a couple horrible jokes to make, but as for actual suggestions - If there's a jump center local, I would talk to the folks there, or any sort of local club as well.
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I am not a skydiver. I am, however, a rock climber. So, the concept of safety gear is not unknown to me. And I would never, ever, ever buy used safety gear. I don't know if this is common practice in skydiving ... but used gear? Really?
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First, you find everyone on the planet you trust implicitly to care for a parachute.

You ask both of them "Do you have a used chute you'd be willing to sell?"

If they say no, you go buy a new one.

If they say yes, you ask "Really? Why?"

Or, more simply: You do *NOT* buy used safety gear, because you don't know what's been done to it. Period.
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Response by poster: By used I mean the canopy and the harness. There is nothing wrong with having those items used. The lines need to be replaced after so many jumps, but that's not a problem either.

I was recommended by my jumpmaster to buy used when first starting out because once I really start getting comfortable, I may want to go to a smaller canopy.

Being in a small state, there is only one place where you can go to do this, and therefore isn't much in this area for sale.
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Mod note: please keep lol used parachute for sale jokes confined to email or metatalk, thanks
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There is nothing wrong with used parachutes. Parachute equipment can be inspected fairly easily. It is not the equipment that tends to fail, but the job done packing or operating the equipment. (Former naval parachute rigger)
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