Ecstacy Herbal Cigs in NYC
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Anyone know of a reliable local source for Ecstacy brand herbal cigarettes in the NYC or Poughkeepsie area?

Due to smoking laws, it is illegal now to smoke cigarettes on stage. The loophole in the last two years has been to smoke herbal cigs on stage, and as a Prop Master I've bought Honey Rose herbals before for this purpose. The latter have been nixed in favor for the Ecstacy brand due to actor and stage manager preference and I'm having a heck of a time finding a source in NYC (??!!!) for them- every tobacco shop I call tells me they can longer get this brand. If there's anyone in the metro NYC or Hudson valley area who has a secret source for these particular herbal smokes, I will be eternally grateful. (Apologies. I promised myself I would never use Askmefi for prop sourcing and yet here I am!)
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Eh, tell them they're impossible to find and they'll have to smoke the other ones unless they can find a source for their preference.
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You could get a cigarette rolling machine and make your own. Mint, oregano, or lemon grass, would probably be pretty inoffensive. You can also add filters to machine rolled cigs if you want so they'll look like commercial cigs, at least from stage distance. I won't promise that they'll stay lit however.

An aside: Googling for "ecstasy brand herbal cigarettes" turns up some interested web phenomena including modern targeted link farms and cloned store fronts.
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