Because no one wants to regret that tattoo they got way back when from the narcoleptic tattoo artist...
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Looking to get a tattoo in Chicago. Suggestions for where to go?

The question was asked before, but a few years ago, so I thought I'd ask again for "updated" info. I'm getting a small tattoo, and am looking for a place that does nice, smooth line work as my tattoo is just a simple black graphic-y image.

So, what do you think?
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Here is a post from yesterday's Chicagoist on that very subject.
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From the way you describe what you have in mind, I think that any competent artist ought to be able to handle it. That said:

Here's a list from Citysearch. Jade Dragon is the shop that did the CHI-TONW tattoo, for what that's worth. Rec.arts.bodyart stalwart Lish (she's been working on her list of recommended tattoo artists for years) likes Patrick Cornolo at Cherry Bomb very much.
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Don't go to Jade Dragon. But if you live in Chicago, you knew that already. :]
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I can't say enough good things about Harlan at Deluxe Tattoo. Super great work, super nice guy. My arms are filled with his work!

Are you patient? You might have to be willing to wait a few months to get an appointment with the best artists.
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Everyone I know with a tattoo is great friends with this guy Bill Smiles. He's really nice, I think he's with a place called Family Tattoo?
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I don't know any specific recs for the Chicago area, but I suggest going to BMEzine. Go to their tattoo section, then search for whatever artists you have heard about. You can then look through some of their work and see whether they can do what you are looking for. Some artists might not be represented, but that doesn't mean they are bad. It's just a simple and fast way of looking up more than just what they put on their website (suggestion: look for healed work, not just that which is shiny and fresh).
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