Where can I find mid century design examples in New York?
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I am looking for buildings in New York City with public spaces that are good examples of mid century modern design and architecture. Building lobbies, plazas, diners, etc. Something along the lines of the old TWA terminal 5 at JFK.
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The Seagrams Building
The Whitney Museum
The Guggenheim
Manufacturer's Trust
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A good little list to get you started.
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Lincoln Center.
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Paley Park
Lever House
Ford Foundation
United Nations (lobby and grounds)
Rockefeller Center (plazas and lobbies)
Four Seasons Restaurant (between meals)
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Chelsea Market building at 15th and 9th ave cool design, inside and out.

Also, this building that is caddy-corner to the southeast of Chelsea Market - looks awesome from the outside - like they built a new modern building halfway into an old brick one.
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