Help me de-stuff my life!
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Like you, I've got a lot of unused stuff. Also like you, I could do with some extra money. Do you have any tips or experiences to share with regard to selling specific types of items?

Most of my superfluous stuff comes in one of the following flavours:

-Electronics (computer and other)
-Audio and music gear

  • this is in or around Europe (so localised services etc. are of limited usefulness)
  • yes -- it IS ok to contact this poster with personal anecdotes or other useful stories
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    audio and music gear will do well on ebay

    electronics too, as long as its not too weighty

    books (antique) will but probably not newer books

    def not furniture (unless it's the super expensive sort)
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    I've made about $100 so far selling off crap in my garage.
    Make sure you provide pictures for everything via a digital camera.

    Good luck!
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    photos are a MUST.
    also give lots of descriptions...measurements, any flaws, model, etc.
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    For cheap crap, try to get involved in whatever your neighborhood equivalent of a jumble sale or group garage sale is. You state that you're somewhere in Europe but I don't know where. In Paris, there are "vide greniers" where people on a certain street or district sign up to have a stand, and you drag your stuff out there on the appointed morning, set up, and start selling. I've done two this year with friends and it's very fun, as well as being profitable.
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    I don't know if offers their marketplace service in europe, but I recently cleaned my place and had a giant stack of books, cds and dvds to either donate or recycle. On a lark I listed them on amazon and within a week got rid of the entire pile and made almost $800 with virtually no effort. Their commission is more reasonable than ebay, you don't pay to list items and they stay listed for 90 days.
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    I sell a lot of stuff on Amazon (in the United States). It's easy and I like having Amazon be responsible for the moneyhandling.
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    Maybe Craigslist is workable in some big cities in the UK, but in Europe in general it’s useless, IME. I’m not sure what European city SFO is (heh) but Ebay has a huge presence in Germany, at least, so if you’re here I’d look into that. is also pretty successful in .de. Or you could open a stand at a flea market; ask around for when and where they’re on, and be prepared to haggle.
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    You might take at least one item to Freecycle... although you won't get money for that item, most Freecycle groups ask you to post one item for giveaway before posting requests. You could set yourself up for free stuff in the future.

    UK Freecycle
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