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Just bought a new loft and will be using my G5 as the main audio source for entertainment. the comp has optical digital audio output (mini jack) and a built in 12watt amp. I would like to find an affordable (~250$) solution where my music would fill the place. I used to have a Creative set with 4 satellite and a sub but they are dead... I own the place and can drill holes or mount speakers in the corners, it's a large rectangle shaped 25x40 feet space. what are my options here ? thanks everyone Selfsck
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I was looking for the same thing some time back, but finally decided that it was better to just get a cheap audio receiver with optical inputs and a few small speakers. That way I could also use the receiver to pass thru DVD/TV/PS2/ETC audio.

Granted I spent a little over your $250 budget, but you might look at Costco or similar for an inexpensive "home theater" set with optical inputs and speakers.

Most of the Creative-type (i.e. computer-focused) audio systems I looked at were overpriced and underpowered anyway.
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Check eBay for an inexpensive head unit with an optical in, and then find a nice set of speakers.
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Don't buy more than 3 speakers, stereo and maybe a sub, surround sound isn't worth it in my experience unless you're willing to spend enough time and money to get it close to right, and that's more than $250.

Now, $300 gets you a quite nice pair of (analog) speakers. I have a pair of KRK RP-5s and they're excellent, but I've heard good things about these TAPCO S-5s. They're both $300 a pair, free shipping from most places. Some quality cabling will push you over your limit by a bit more, but you can use a cheapie Rat Shack piece until you feel like you're ready to upgrade.

If you have your heart set on digital, these Edirol MA-15Ds have a digital out, but they're suspiciously cheap and I've never heard them.

I've ordered from both zzounds and sweetwater, and I own a pair of RP-5s, but I'm not affiliated in any other way. TAPCO is Mackie's downmarket brand, and that's a name with some backing.
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Err, dammit, the Edirol speaks have a digital in obviously.
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I'd definitely go the receiver + speakers route. Focus on the receiver and 2 main speakers now, add the surrounds and subwoofer later when you have a budget.

Here's a well reviewed Onkyo Reciever for $200 which will give you room to grow with plenty of component and digital inputs.

And if you act quick, here's a fantastic deal on a pair of Polk Audio tower speakers for $99/pair

At about $300ish, you've got a solid system that will fill your room with sound FAR better than any 'system in a box' or computer satellite system.

P.S. you can forego the expensive speaker cables and use 16 gauge lamp cord from the hardware store... it's Monster Cable in disguise.
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Response by poster: thanks for all the inputs, I think i will go the two quality speaker route and upgrade later on. I also need to do my homework and grab all the lingo used in audio and the different component's/connexion.

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On the off chance that anyone is still reading this, all the speakers I posted are active speakers and require no amp or receiver. Anything that can output audio will drive them. Downside is you need to plug 'em in.

Sorry, should have specified that initially.
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