Help Reseting LG PM-225 Phone!
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My LG PM-225 phone now loops the Sprint logo (the one you usually see when turning the phone on) after a Bitpim sync apparently went wrong. Is there anyway to reset the phone / reinstall the software (is that what went wrong?) without informing Sprint or buying a new phone? Thanks much.
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It sounds like it restarts after a crash, and it crashes a few moments into booting. If it's still under warranty, LG should fix it. If not, (and I don't know this phone) I'd poke around inside and look for a reset button.
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Response by poster: Any tips on wear a reset button might hide? I can't seem to find one.
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call sprint. tell them your phone is stuck in a power cycle loop. don't mention bitpim. get new phone

fix-it yourself answer:
there are a lot of us handset geeks over at howardforums. I would recommend posting the question over there.

if the phone's software is borked you're going to need an image (sometimes called a .bin) of that specific device's software load. there are two flavors of the 225-- a PCS and a PLS (the later being for MVNOs)-- so i would guess that finding the image online wouldn't be too hard. problem though is that you'll need an LG-exclusive tool to load the image.
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