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I'm looking for porn that contains plot. Stop laughing, I'm serious.

My girlfriend and I have enjoyed an adult movie or two in the past, and she's expressed interest in more. The ones we've seen are Lollipop Girls in Hard Candy (in 3-D!) and Pirates. While the steamy action is all very nice, laughing at the "plot" is fun too. I don't think we'd be as much into the "industrial film covered in fur" style of adult entertainments.

So, can anyone recommend teh pr0n that is both steamy and good to laugh along with/at? Or maybe something like Caligula that tries to be both porn and high cinema?
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Have you explored the "classics" of the 70's and 80's? Things like Taboo or Debbie Does Dallas? A lot of porn back then actually had some semblance of plot (insofar as it lent some level of legitimacy as to why these two or three people were about to fuck). And they were usually good for a laugh, as well.
Also, the Femme series produced by Candida Royale was generally thought to be higher-quality "couples" porn.
And, yes, I am somewhat ashamed that I am the first respondent to a porn question.
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Best answer: Shortbus
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How about The Opening of Misty Beethoven ? It's Pygmalion done as porn! A commenter at the Imdb link says it played about 12 years in Northern Virginia, and that's where I saw it.
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This should have what you want.
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Hung Wankenstein (also called Hung Wankerstein) will give you the funny. (Young Frankenstein spoof.)
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Best answer: Try Wicked Films, the same company that did Pirates - they have a few pretty funny porn films, like interesting interpretations of stuff like The Mummy, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Samurai Films, etc.

We tried the 70's films but there was waaay too much hair and rather unnatractive body types.

Have fun!
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Not sure I want this in my posting history... but this was on Showtime or something not too long ago and looked like it had a plot of some kind. Didn't watch much, though.
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Sorry, not that fake link. This. (It was called Ghost in a Teeny Bikini, just in case I'm that inept.)
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Best answer: Edward Penishands. If you like it, there's apparently even a sequel.
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Response by poster: Funny that Shortbus and Edward Penishands were mentioned - one's in que, the other's a long-time favorite of her's. I'll be looking for a copy.
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The Swedes and Danes around the 70-80s break were all story driven erotica. Similar to "stop..$word..we're british" series with less clothes. Although, you'd have to find subs! hah :)
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Best answer: Dude. Cafe Flesh. Brief plot summary from the link:

Following a nuclear war, 99% of the population becomes violently ill if they even try to have sex. These Sex Negatives remember how wonderful sex was before the Nuclear Kiss and they still crave sex. Their frustration increases when, for their nightly entertainment, they go to clubs to see performances by those Sex Positives that have been rounded up by government enforcers. One of the most famous clubs on the sexual circuit is Café Flesh. It is owned by Moms, a former beautician. Its M.C. is Max Melodramatic, a two-bit Borscht Belt comic before World War III—he viciously mocks the pathetic audience.

The male and female stars perform without emotion, in explicit, theatrical sexual vignettes. The viewers are simultaneously turned on and tortured by what they see. They can't turn away. Two regulars are Nick and his girlfriend, Lana. Nick hates going to the Café Flesh because it makes him want to have sex with Lana. But they are both Sex Negatives and get sick if they try. Max always ridicules Nick for coming to the club when it makes him so miserable. This night, sex-performer agent Silky brings Angel, a new girl from Wyoming, to watch the show. She's thrilled to be at the club she's heard so much about. There is excitement in the club when it's rumored that sex legend Johnny Rico has been signed to appear soon.

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Best answer: Fashionista

Otherwise, most of the movies offered at Babeland. In particular, they have a category called "Sex and Storyline."
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Debbie Does Dishes. No seriously.
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check IAFD for films directed by Jonathan Morgan... IAFD is a good resource for such things, as it has links to reviews and summaries.
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Best answer: Blowfish's list of porn films with an actual plot.

They have reviews of all of the porn videos they carry here.

Blowfish is a good place to buy porn, etc. online. And no, I don't work there!
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Cafe Flesh.

My girlfriend was in the sequel. As an extra--one of the club patrons watching the action. She said it was really interesting to be directed to "look aroused but nauseated." She also said that as an extra, porn shoots were the best, because they had the best food and paid in cash.
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The 69th sense is quite a good one.

The line "I .... see ....horny people.....!!!"

had me rolling on the ground laughing!
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posting b/c this question reminded me of the conversation i had with an ex while watching porn one day

ME: Is she really saying ouou ahah repeatedly?
EX: Tsst
ME: Are you enjoying it?
EX: Tsst
ME: I can't get into it, there's no plot. how am I supposed to emphatize with the characters?

EX looks at me with a mixture of despair and disgust

the movie we were watching was a collection of short stories (without much of a story and with lots of apelike love noises of ouou ahah). next movie that the ex brought home was The Ozzporns go to hell" which had plently of plot but also kind of gross and not inspiring.
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Not seen it myself, but apparently a film called 'Sexual Curiosity' is good.
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Anything with Misty Mundae in it.

They did "Lord of the G-Strings: Fellowship of the String" and it's hilarious. I haven't seen any of the other films, but they're also supposed to be pretty funny.
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