NYC psychiatrist needed
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Anyone know a good psychiatrist in NYC? Not a psychotherapist, but an MD who can proscribe drugs. I have a friend who thinks he may be clinically depressed but is mistrustful of doctors.
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I have an amazing one -- absolutely genius -- but I won't post his contact info here. Drop me an email, if you like.
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Response by poster: Thanks, RJ, I will do that. If anyone else would be willing to email me a recommendation, you can do so via

Please let me know iwhether or not you'd like me to post your recommendation here (without mentioning your name, of course).
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Maybe you want someone who can prescribe drugs. Anyone can proscribe drugs...
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Response by poster: Um. I can't proscribe drugs.

I don't think it's just as issue of proscribing. A good shrink should be able to take a really good case history and proscribe drugs based on that. There are all different kinds of antidepressants. Which one should my friend take? What dosage? Or would drugs be wrong for him? Would he be better off with a talking cure? Or both drugs and psychotherapy?
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grumblebee, funkbrain was suggesting you check your spelling (prescribe and proscribe have quite different meanings)

And anyway, prescribing meds is a bit of a crapshoot, as everybody reacts differently to stuff; your friend may end up having to try several different things before he finds something that works, regardless of who may be prescribing.
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f[on preview, stefanie beat me to the pro/prescribe comment.]

That said, good luck to your friend. I'd encourage him to be open-minded going in; being mistrustful of the doctor on principle is not a good way to start a relationship with one.
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Response by poster: sorry about the spelling. If spellcheck doesn't catch it, I probably won't either. Are there drugs out there that will improve spelling?
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Mmm... Ritalin?
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