Selling my clothes in Portland, Oregon
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Any good places to sell used clothing/shoes in Portland, Oregon besides the Buffalo Exchange?

I have a TON of shoes and lots and lots of clothes. Since I am moving to Denver so very soon, I'm trying to unload some stuff and get some extra money. I went to Buffalo Exchange already today and they took all the vinyl stuff, go figure but now I have lots of more regular stuff I'd like to try and sell. Everything is in great shape I just have no idea where to take it all. I do know that I am pretty much not hipster enough to go to Redlight which is the only other place I know. Any suggestions from Portland people?
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Have you tried Redlight, though? I took a bunch of stuff there and was surprised that they would have taken a lot of my stuff (I totally have no hipster clothes), but they were damn cheap. They wanted to give me $5 for two pairs of never worn Docs. I have no brick & mortar suggestions. I'd just try Craigslist if it were me, but I'm sure you've thought of that.
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Try the Goodwill uptown at 2215 W Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97210. You can either drop it all off, or they can come pick up. (503) 224-3084
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Oh, you said you wanted to sell. Scratch that!
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Have you tried selling it on craigslist? Take pictures and add a few bucks to what you'd like to get, since people will often offer less.
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Response by poster: Really?? For clothes? Do you sell them as a lot or individually?
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