Suggested resource for coding neural networks in Java from scratch?
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I would like to know what a good resource would be to help me code neural networks in Java from scratch. The best I could find was this resource: I have Neural Networks by Haykin as well as Simulating Neural Networks with Mathematica.
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Matlab? I do not know Java (it's a kind of coffee, no?) but, I do NN and it is pretty straightforward, matlab gives you the source code which you can easily convert to whatever you want. Maybe like this?
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There are lots of books and libraries in C that would be translatable to java fairly easily. I've done NN implementations in several languages, basically you just need to code a way to do matrix math and you're done (because once you have yourself a little "matrix" library you can update all the weights using standard NN formulae).

That's why matlab is so good, it has pretty good matrix manipulation built in.
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Check out Daniel Shiffman's page on Neural Networks. It has sample code in Processing, which is essentially Java with a few built-in niceties.
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Here's the Idiot's Guide and some sample code. Also: Introduction to Neural Networks with Java
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Matlab can generate java code for your trained networks automatically.
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Regarding the "Introduction To Neural Networks with Java" book that obedo suggested - I really don't recommend this. The book is very lightweight and uses external libraries rather than explaining how to code NNs from scratch.

To be honest, I never found a good book for Java - I ended up working with C instead. Good luck though!
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Dear mogotron, what reference book did you use for coding up NN's in C?
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