How much is memory for a PSP?
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How much would a 4GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo (the ones for a PSP) cost in China?

A colleague of mine is off to China and I'd like to ask them to buy either a 4GB Sandisk or Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo for my PSP.

The problem is, I don't have a clue how much a genuine one of these would cost. How would I go about finding out?

I'm based in the UK meaning that 4GB prices are around the £40 ($78) mark, hence the idea of buying in China.
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A genuine Sony brand device will cost close to the same amount you could get it for in the US or Canada (and probably the UK) due to luxury taxes.

That said, there are any number of knock offs that will cost you around $5-10 depending on bargaining skills.
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Response by poster: Are the knockoffs any good? Or will I find that I've purchased a 400MB stick masquerading as a 4GB one?
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Best answer: 1. It's not going to be any cheaper.
2. If it is cheap, its probably a knockoff (which means its probably a 128mb flash in a 4gb casing)

I don't know about UK sites, but you can get a 4GB pro duo online for $65 USD shipped.
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