Feedo is a No-Go.
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Are there any worthwhile competitors to Feedo?

I'm in the process of building A Thing and one of the features I'd like is a rolling series of headlines from a variety of RSS feeds related to a particular topic, formatted nicely. Feedo seems like it'd be perfect (small, fast, easy to configure with a nice selection of skins, and cheap) except for a simple problem: they can't straighten out their login system long enough for me to start an account, give them my money, and start using it. This, of course, fails to fill me with any sort of confidence.

So: spending up to $20 a month or so, what services out there offer something similar? (And don't say "Build it yourself." I'm aware of my technical shortcomings, thankyouverymuch.)
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RSS To HTML - How To Convert RSS Feeds Into Published Web Pages - A Mini-Guide

I would read it all, but at least scroll down to the middle to find some other services.
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Peter Cooper's FeedDigest.
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Response by poster: Sadly, FeedDigest asks for too much money up front and doesn't go as high as I'd like with the number of feeds (somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-400). It's certainly a nice-looking service, though.
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Response by poster: Not quite, Timory. I fiddled with it last night and it's not designed to be implemented the way I'd like.
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