Help me get to Djibouti
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What is the best way for me to go about getting a job at KBR and placed at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti?

I know KBR has a Jobs section on their web site, but I'm hoping someone can offer some insight on the process, or advice, or experience, or anything that might help me.
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I had a friend try and apply.

He quit half way through the interview process.

Most of the jobs they give are contract based only, and at the end they ship you home to reapply again for a position. According to them, they did not seem terribly accommodating when it came to a person's wishes for placement. You could easily get offered a variety of less than safe places instead of your choice.

That, plus their a perceived disregard for worker safety, made him rethink the benefits of trying for a position.

Sorry to be so negative.
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KBR doesn't sound like a nice employer at all. if you are willing to go through such personal risks, might I recommend joining the French Foreign Legion? I think they are or were in djibouti as well.
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Response by poster: I don't mind being there for a short period of time, and the risks in Djibouti are fewer than where I am now (DC). My boyfriend is stationed there until June '08, and I was thinking KBR would be a way for us to be together, at least for part of the time he was there. He's going to ask about it on his end, but I thought I'd see what people here might know about it. Thanks for the comments so far!
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Djibouti is stable and urban enough that I would expect you could find NGO work, but it might take some searching to find contacts.
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