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Help! Girlfriend's birthday imminent. Looking for a watch (preferably available in the UK) that is original, understated with good design (maximum price 150 quid) to buy for her birthday? Eternal gratitude available.

After a resounding success with AskMefi's assistance for my girlfriend's birthday present last year I thought "I'd roll the dice and take my chances" and see if anyone can suggest watches and where to buy with the above description? Thanks in advance.
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best watch design there is. You will have great difficulties finding a more easily readable dial. Roughly in your price range.
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I've always been a fan of Storm watches for original, reasonably priced watches. Most in the £70 range I think. Mine have always gotten compliments and are pretty durable.
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I got my girlfriend this for her birthday. She loved it, and everyone she meets comments on it. It was a Good Gift, and cheap cos of strong pound. Arrived in about a week, by post. The firm's called Tokyoflash and they have a good range, but the site's running slow today, oddly.
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I've had a Citizen Eco-Drive watch for a few years now - solar powered, no need to change a battery.

Superb watch, and not expensive - I think I picked mine up from H Samuel about 3 years ago for £75.
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I have a man's version of the Citizen eco-drive. Very minor nicks and scratches on the face (none on the titanium frame) and currently ticking away its 7th year. Clean and clear design and durable. It has survived the army, three countries and various falls and tumbles better than its owner.

It's not flashy, but has gotten compliments from those that have noticed, including my girlfriend.
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If you ask the girlie me, the only reason to wear a wrist watch on these cellphone ubiquity days is if it's a proper piece of jewelry. You know, something that looks like a bracelet.

That said, I'd go for the Calvin Klein's or the Moschinos depending if she's stylish/modern or stylish/girlie - in that order.
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Fossil or Tissot should have a variety of styles for that price.
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Great source for watches - very good service, too.
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You could check out some of Jakob Jensens stuff.
Slightly more expensive, but well designed.
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If an antique has any appeal, there are some really nice pocket watches available on ebay from the 1910s and 1920s. A working 12-size 15-jewel or 17-jewel watch (Waltham, Elgin, or Hamilton, for example) with a pretty art-deco face can be had in your price range.
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