Help me find someone to build my web app!
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Help me find someone to build my web app!

I have a project that's a little out of the league of people who usually create and code my web stuff and I need some pointers on where to look to get this done.

The app itself is close to this in function in that you can have a widget that diplays text and plays embedded video, pics, etc. I'm sure it's rather involved. But where to find good programmers to do a project like this? I'm really leary about posting the project to something like rent-a-coder or geta freelancer.

Are they worth a punt? Or are there other reasonably priced companies or outfits you would recommend?
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Eh, looks like a pretty simple flash app, since flash has built in capability for playing MP3s and video. Don't forget about mefi jobs.
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Mefi jobs should help you. This is a pretty tightly knit community in that way.
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This would be a pretty straightforward flash app. Depending on how flexible you want the UI to be it would probably be about 2 weeks of work. More if there is server side work. This would be required if you want true streaming video / audio (as opposed to progressive download like most video sites use) or feedback / comments / rating mechanisms.

Just find a flash developer who shows a good sense of design (has work that you like) and knows Object Oriented programming well. Be wary of pure "designer" types who can't really code.
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Response by poster: Ah, mefi jobs.. thanks for the tip. I'd certainly take that over a bids site like rent-a-coder.
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The secret to RAC is that you hire two people. One is the manager of the second one. You speak to the manager only, and he whips the codeslave. RAC only works with micromanagement.
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Response by poster: Markesh, that's an interesting answer. But why a manager? Couldn't you do that yourself? Is there an upside to having a third party manage the person doing the work?
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