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Ireland Internet Question: I want to register a .ie domain. Who is a reliable registrar? Who are the ones to avoid? What was your experience?

By reliable I mean such things as: trust with my credit card number, they are responsive to tech support, they aren't going to go selling my e-mail address to every spammer in the world, etc.

If there is one that I should surely avoid, please let me know, and why.

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Your email in the whois registry is public, thus any spammer can lift it. If you register with your private email and get lots of spam, its not your registrar's fault. whois metafilter.com shows me that dear leader has a gmail account just for this.

A lot of people have complained about godaddy's policies. I would be wary of them.
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I hope you're Irish, otherwise a lot of rules apply to who can register .ie domains.
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I notice you are in Seattle and not Ireland. Note that you will have to supply evidence of a commercial connection with Ireland or an Irish, UK or American trademark registration to register a .ie domain. (Individuals can't register arbitrary .ie domains.)
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To answer the question (though smackfu and mendel are correct, registering an IE domain is annoyingly restricted):
  • There is only one registry, but they have many resellers
  • My personal dealings with blacknight have been very satisfactory (not affiliated, as they say, just a customer).

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I've also used blacknight and have had no real problems
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