I've got the summer tv blues
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Do good what-to-watch TV blogs or webpages exist?

I'd love to maximize the usefulness of my DVR, now that all the finales have happened and nothing new is recording. The weekly tv calendar in Entertainment Weekly is a good start, but not nearly enough.

(and "get out more" is not a viable answer!)
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TV Squad is a favorite of mine.

TV Torrents is the single best aggregated source of tv-show torrents, sorted and organized by episode, by show so that you don't have to go searching. Entire seasons at your disposal. All checked and verified. All you ever wanted and more.

(Email in profile for an invite, if I have enough credits.)
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Laurel Krahn's been offering daily recommendations at tvpicks.net for approximately forever. She also seems to like the picks over at Zap2It and TV Barn.
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MeeVee is pretty neat.
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Television Without Pity will give you some fairly thorough viewer analysis of shows, particularly the most popular ones.
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jumptheshark.com is a fun trip through tv land...
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Seconding television without pity
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Response by poster: I know all about twop - I started reading it when it was mighty big tv. I'm more interested in blogs/pages that will point out the undiscovered gems in the schedule before they pass me by.
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mine is pete TV: more of an industry side, but also a "what i'm watching tonight"...pretty good.
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