Who do you recommend for website design in the Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland area?
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Who do you recommend for website design in the Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland, FL area?

I am looking for someone to design a solid site for my realestate business and I a want them to use a content management system so that I can edit it later. Who should I use? Pric doesnt matter if they will do an amazing job. I wish to deal with someone who is local or at least proximal to me
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Paul Scrivens from 9Rules is based out of Tampa.
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Are you in Polk County? Contact Josh Hallett in Winter Haven. He can do it, or recommend someone in the area.

If you're looking for an agency, Tinsley|McQueen is based in Lakeland.

I've seen the final result from both parties. I can't testify to their prices or preferred CMS.
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I'm a web designer relocating from Tampa to Ft Myers. I'm about to start at a design firm down there, and I know they are looking to expand their business into other areas of the state. They have experience designing for several large real estate developers in the Ft Myers area. Plus I have a ton of web design experience, including designing sites around content management systems.

I feel a little funny self-promoting, so email me if you are interested in portfolio links. I was going to email you but I didn't see an email in your profile.

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Dunno how close Sarasota is, but my friend Elsie does phenomenally good webwork via True Green Studios.
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