Why no Twin Peaks 2 in Blockbuster?
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BlockbusterFilter: Twin Peaks Season 2 has been out for almost 2 months now, and it's still unavailable both in Blockbuster stores and Blockbuster Online - what gives?

I've emailed Blockbuster Online and did not receive a response, and I called them up and the CSR had nothing to offer. I'd go out and buy the damn thing myself if it didn't upset me that getting the DVDs I want is the reason I'm paying Blockbuster Online 20 bucks per month.
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Well, where I live tv seasons are rented for a week each time in order to watch all episodes. If that's the case where you are it's been rented 8 times. A lot of people wanna watch it--be prepared to wait longer.
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Yeah, it's likely that they bought relatively few copies, given its arcane/cult status - by "relatively few," I mean they bought a heckuva lot fewer copies than "Snakes on a Plane" or "24" or whatever. Couple that with the through-the-roof amount of fan anticipation for this, and it's no surprise that their few copies are always out.

Frankly, IMO, this is one of the few TV boxsets worth owning, anyway ... treat yourself and buy one!
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No - I don't believe it's a case of them just being rented by others - in Blockbuster they have cards on the shelves in place of movies that are rented out so if they've been taken you can still see that the store stocks that title. And on Blockbuster Online, the site tells you if a title is available - currently it says "Coming Soon" for TP2, meaning it's not yet in stock.
Obviously this is all a bit odd and I guess I was wondering if there was some weird snafu with Blockbuster and TP2: particularly since there have been many snafus related to this titles' release.
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I think the owls did it.

Maybe someone would know on the the dugpa.com forum. (Spoilery forum, if you don't already know what happens in the second season!)
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Blockbuster's content selection process has always left something to be desired, in my opinion. Netflix has it, if you're interested in switching. I would.
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Popular but rare items tend to disappear from Blockbuster stores because they have that policy where if you haven't returned it after two weeks you buy it. The purchase price is the used price minus the rental cost. For a lot of movies, this ends up being a really reasonable price. So, people end up renting it, enjoying it, and then deciding that they would like to keep it, which by Blockbuster's new policies is actually sort of encouraged. So, for items where there aren't a great number available, but for which people are rather enthusiastic, the store ends up with no copies or only one or two copies in circulation. For getting a hold of a copy in the store, I would advise calling the store at about 11.30 in the morning. This is right after new movies have been checked in, but nothing has been checked out really. This is the best chance you have of finding the movie in the store. The CSR can hold the movie for a few hours for you. Good luck.

(lol - ex. Blockbuster employee)
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Or you can go here!
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Miss Lynster: thanks! That is a freaking amazing website.
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Wow, thanks Miss Lynnster, that's an incredible website!
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For some reason, I was unable to get "Do the Right Thing" from Blockbuster. Turns out, no one can get that movie from any Blockbuster in our area, online or off. It was hinted to me by an employee that certain movies are just off the list. I dumped BB and haven't had a problem with Netflix so far.
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not quite blockbuster-related, but for anyone thinking about purchasing "twin peaks" season 2 on dvd, you may want to hold out for just a little while longer.

a friend of mine who worked on the TP season 2 dvd set says there is a big TP box set coming out later this year (no date announced yet). it will have both seasons of TP, the movie, and a bunch of other goodies.
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