Which website designers do you recommend?
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Who do you recommend for website design in the Los Angeles area?

I run a web-hosting company geared towards film industry folk. Included in the set-up costs, I'll do a minimal amount of website design in order to personalize each site. But, some customers want fancier layouts to be created, something for which I do not have the time or inclination.

Thus, I'd like to ask all of you who you would recommend as website designers. Ideally, these are either freelance individuals or small- to mid-size companies in the Los Angeles area, but, really, they could be anywhere, of course.

I want to come up with a list of three, five, maybe ten names that I could always have on hand to pass on to people. It'll be still be up to the customer to research each possibility, but this will at least give them a starting point....
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Best answer: I like Aesthetics Worldwide, which is a boutique website design service located in L.A. They designed this site, which I think is very appealing. There's also a bit spendy for people on a budget, but quite reasonable for businesses.
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Best answer: The guys who run Carlow Design are friends of mine. It's a two-man firm who has a wide range of design services. They do great work.
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Best answer: My pal at Tokyo Farm is awesome. Highly recommended.
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Having once been a Senior Producer at a Web company in Los Angeles, and been the Producer for movie sites like the Spider-Man movie (first movie), the X-Files website and several other movies -- basically at least one site for every major studio -- I may be uniquely suited to helping you out on this count. My information is a few years old, but if you give me company names, I can definitely tell you if they have a good or bad reputation, and may be able to point you in the direction of some good shops (and there are plenty of good ones, plenty of bad ones).

Being that I may say that a certain company has a bad reputation or did things poorly, I hesitate to do so here in this forum. My email is in my profile if you wish to contact me. Though I don't see my email in my own profile, it's tim@ my website's domain name in the profile.
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For exceptional web design, I'm going to give you completely biased advice and recommend you look up the coast to San Francisco. Either way, you can contact a local chapter of the AIGA and folks there may be able to put you touch with who you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions so far! Any others?

In response to two posts above, first, this requests isn't necessarily for movie studio productions, but mostly for film crew members who are advertising themselves, posting their resumes, portfolios, photographs, etc.

Also, San Francisco would be fine. Who do you recommend up there?
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