Which bank for a small business.
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I am looking for a bank account for a small (professional services) business in Arizona..

Looking for that magical mix:

1. Best online services (I try to do all my banking online).
2. Lowest fees.
3. etc

I have Bankone (Chase) now and I'm not digging it.
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Best answer: I use Compass Bank and I like their online bill paying service. They have branches in Phoenix, Tucson, and Scottsdale.
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I'm with the Arizona State Credit Union. I'm very happy there - no fees! The on-line services I've used so far (account and credit card transactions, money transfers) are nice. I haven't checked out the on-line bill paying yet, but have been meaning too.

I can't compare and contrast for you, though, because I haven't had an account anywhere else since the early 90s.
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I had a business account at Chase (Bank One then) and I hated it. Fees up the wazoo.

When my wife started her business, we decided to try Washington Mutual and we haven't regretted it for a minute. They've got Saturday hours, mostly no fees (I don't think we've seen any), and I'm pretty sure the checks are free too. I haven't had a need to use their online banking but I would suspect that it's pretty decent.
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Oh and I used to work for Desert Schools Federal Credit Union. I would avoid their business banking at all costs: you'll be nickel and dimed at every turn.
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