Where do I find Mapquest's aerial photos
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Whatever happened to MapQuest's aerial (satellite?) photos? Is there a site where I can find ones like them?

I'm talking about the images which were aligned with the maps so that you could switch from one to the other. I'd like to see images of some particular neighborhoods at a resolution where large streets are clearly visible. On the old mapquest image, I could pick out my apartment building.
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Terraserver @ Microsoft (http://terraserver.microsoft.com/default.aspx lets you put an address in and get the sat or topo map of the address.

Back in the day, it was tied into Expedia's maps, but not anymore.
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I didn't even realize those were gone, but they may have vanished in the redesign a while back which also took away the "big map" button. I haven't used MapQuest since.
Sorry I can't answer part II.
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Terraserver only has my area in pretty weak-res black and white -- I was able to get incredible shots through MapQuest, and I'm sure they must be available still somewhere (I'll be monitoring this thread just as eagerly as you, callmejay).

But: KeyHole (formerly EarthViewer), though it costs, was just about the funnest thing ever when I downloaded a free trial of it about a year ago. Fully 3D topographic globe mapped with super-high-res satellite photography (with toggleable roadmap and political boundary overlays).

Tons of fun spent programming little tours through the Rockies or wowing my family with flyovers directly to their home.
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Also, GlobeXplorer gets frighteningly close in color, but with an annoying-as-hell watermark. Maybe all these pay services bullied the freebies out of the business?
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Response by poster: Terraserver looks great except for the B&W, thanks. As for Globe, man that is one annoying watermark.
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yeah, why did they take away "Big Map"? i really miss that.
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I prefer to use the ACME Mapper interface to Terraserver, myself.
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There's something very American about that Terraserver site: they show you a map of the world to pick your area from, but 192 countries are grayed out.
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A related question: what happened to MapQuest's "Add A Location" feature? It was a little thing, but really useful. Now it only gives you the choice to "Get Directions to...". (Alternately, does anybody know of a site that has a similar "Multiple Locations, One Map" feature?)
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You can also look at the NGA's geoengine (formerly NIMA). The interface isn't very intuitive and the pictures are kind of old but it's can be fun.
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