Learning English as a Spanish speaker
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I have a Spanish speaking friend who wants to learn English. Are there any easy audiobooks for learning basics?

He lives in Ecuador, and I'm hoping to find something like the Michel Thomas series of audiobooks which teach you all the basics, and all you need to do after that is learn vocabulary.

Should be something relatively cheap (compared to Rosetta Stone) and of course, effective.

Here is a link to the Michel Thomas course
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Pimsleur is an awesome audio-based course. I used it early on in my Japanese studies, and I know that they also produce English courses for other languages. A quick google search turned up this. I can't vouch for the company that's selling them though. You may be able to do better on Ebay or something.
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Pimsleur actually has English for Spanish Speakers. Its quite good. I have (Spanish speaking) friends that have used it.
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