what are the travel websites worth knowing?
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what are the travel websites worth knowing?

I'm writing this while on a roadtrip. having crossed at random through multiple states already, I visited oxford, ms last night and by complete accident found faulkner's house. that experience made me wish I had more travel websites to check when I'm in a certain area. I am using wikipedia, wikitravel, yelp and metafilter already to check random places I see on roadsigns but I wished there was another large recommendation site that worked much like the printed travel books. ("if you are in this area, consider heading 10 miles west to see that")

travel books are okay, too ... if they cover at least ms, la and ak. I can't schlepp around 15 of them...

I am mostly interested in historical villages, local food joints and that kind of stuff and that's tough to find. tons of my roadtrip photography involves old mansions, run-down buildings and faded old murals.

also: I am now in natches, ms after having been to vicksburg earlier today. anyone wanna recommend places further south, in Louisiana or Arkansas?
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roadside america
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Boots 'n All. (link is to the North America forum page)
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Gadling.com - mefite nitsuj is a regular contributor.
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JohnnyJet's got a pretty comprehensive list.
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If you get down to Lafayette, LA, stop by the Blue Moon Guesthouse. The people there are wonderful and can fill you in on interesting local places all around this part of the state. They also have a Saloon in the backyard where local and really excellent musicians play. If you want to get a bit of the flavor of this part of the country this is a great place to start. Really I can't imagine a road trip through this part of the States without stopping here. Have fun!
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For food:
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The Lonely Planet forum site is
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