Help me find a poster for my new cube
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I'm looking for a poster with Arthur C. Clarke's Three Laws of Prediction on it. Google is failing me.

Secondary question in case such a thing doesn't exist:

I'd like to get one printed on something like Zazzle. What is the highest resolution image of HAL 9000's camera eye you can find? Best I've been able to do is 1024x768 and I don't think that will quite cut it for poster size. Thanks!
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Someone please help her. I want the poster, too, for my office.
posted by mds35 at 1:18 PM on May 18, 2007

You know what - Clarke's laws are just so cool, I'm going to put something together. It'll hopefully be up later tonight.
posted by niles at 2:32 PM on May 18, 2007

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