Wine Fridge
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I am looking to get a reasonably priced wine fridge for a friend for her wedding. I am in Toronto and looking for something in the area. Any tips on good brands or personal prefs. would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
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It depends on your budget. I ordered a 60 bottle dual temp zone wine fridge from for about $539 delivered. That would be a great gift if they loved wine and a few of you went in on it.
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Also, does she want stand-alone or installed (like a dishwasher, under the counter?) The installed ones are more expensive, but nice, since they're less obtrusive.
If you can afford it, I'd suggest getting one with more than one zone.
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Not sure what you're looking to spend, but both my brother and I own Haier 48 bottle models and couldn't be happier.
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Seconding Costco. Ours had both stand-alone and built-in models. One of them was dual-zone (which is really what you need).
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