Hope me obi wan! Teh servers is crashed!
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Exchange 2000 has a limit of 16 gigs. When you hit that limit, there is a registry entry to increase it to 17 gigs on a temp basis so you can clear out email and do an offline defrag. Well. About a hour after increasing the limit, we hit 17 gigs and now our exchange store is not compressing.

Are we screwed? I can't find anything, other then a hand written note saying "Do not hit the 17 gig limit" scrawled on our work instructions.
I've performed a full online defrag, and two offline defrags, and we keep crashing.

Any help is apperciated. Thanks!
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I'm not an Exchange expert - but are you using the Standard or Enterprise edition?
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First, see if you can't get a copy of Enterprise Edition. It may be difficult, you may want to just call in to PSS support, and see if they can recommend a way to upgrade. That will alleviate the 16GB database limit.

If there is no way you can do that, you will need to get rid of whatever is taking up all the space. Yea, easier said than done. I don't know anything about your server, or your skill level, do you have a consultant that you call in, or are you the person to fix server things? There is an exmerge & rebuild "option" (I use that term loosely, as it has plenty of drawbacks), but it is a fairly intensive way of going about things.
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Response by poster: Its standard edition. Not enterprise. Should have mentioned that, sorry.

For some reason the 5th offline defrag finally fixed it. Yooray microsoft!!!
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