Looking for lyrics that feature "rumble in the jungle"
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I'm looking for a song that has "Rumble in the Jungle" in the lyrics, (the Ali vs. Foreman fight), and I don't want the Wyclef Jean/Fugees/Busta Rhymes hiphop one. For some reason the song is stuck in my head, but I don't know anymore than those 4 words of the lyrics or know why it's in my head so it's kind of driving me crazy.
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You're not thinking of Jethro Tull's "Bungle in the Jungle," are you?
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Response by poster: aha! Yes I was!!! I often make up my own words / replace words while singing along. I have a real memorizing lyrics problem. Thanks so much, it's been driving me crazy.
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Hopefully this will help you to get Jethro Tull out of your head. They never seem to get the hint and leave places... Ian Anderson was in my apartment for three weeks once because I was too polite to tell him to get the hell out.
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I'd just like to point out that that damn song has been in my head ever since reading this thread.
posted by Vidiot at 4:01 AM on April 4, 2004

Credence Clearwater Revival is what pops in my head. I can hear Tull in there too, but Credence popped in first.
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