Signatures and Law
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In Canada, is it illegal to post someone's signature on the internet without their consent?
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IANAL but I imagine, a signature being something other than merely a word or words and perhaps more like a unique hieroglyph or image, that a person probably holds the copyright in his/her own signature.
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It strikes me that doing so could be interpreted as abetting identity theft, since it could permit someone else to learn to forge that signature.

I doubt it's illegal but it's entirely possible that it's actionable.
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I'm 99% sure our name is NOT considered personal information by any Canadian privacy legislation (PIPEDA, etc). However in past research of said laws I was never looking with a specific eye towards the use of signature.

The privacy commissioner of Canada has a good M-F 1-800 line that will probably get you to an investigator and get you a preliminary answer within an hour or so. I waited on hold last time I called, but I got an actual investigative attorney, not a min wage call center person reading from a script.
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