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People of Toronto, do you know of anywhere we can hire a London black cab for our wedding?

I tried asking the North American distributors if they knew anyone, but they seem not to have replied to my email. My fiancée has pretty much tried everywhere else... any ideas?

The wedding's next year.
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According to this article, there are some in Oshawa, operated by Blue Line Taxi.
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This is a stretch but...

I used to live around here and one of my neighbors owned one. It was brand new, in mint condition, even had the HACK light. It was always parked on either Connable or Lyndhurst. If you're in the area you might want to leave a note on their windshield and see if it's something they'd be into.
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I can't find the name of the organization, but there is one in Canada for people to register their classic cars for use in movie and TV filming. Toronto probably isn't used as a stand-in for London much, but maybe one of the movie supply companies?
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Yeah, try calling movie studios. They'd be able to let you know where to rent such things.

No London cabs here, though they do have a Rolls Phantom or a 1952 Bentley.

Aha, how's this?

You could also try here, or here, or here, depending on how dead-set you are on a London cab.
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Just want to say, I'm so jealous. I wanted to get one for our wedding, but after Katrina messed up all of our plans, it was the least of my concerns.

Good luck!
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