Relocating to New Zealand
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Let's say I wanted to move myself and my family (wife + two kids) to New Zealand for a few years - just for the adventure. Of course, I would need a job. How would one go about finding work and moving? Is it possible with immigration issues etc. to pull this off? I did spend about four months there a few years ago just as a tourist.
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Though I can't offer you first-hand advice, I've looked into this very same thing a little while ago. There is a slew of immigration material on the web with sites such as this one.

I believe the general gist is that if you are what is considered a 'skilled worker', your immigration process will go much smoother.

As far as finding actual jobs and living accommodations, stuff seems to be an excellent resource, if not a starting point.

Good luck!
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AskMe advice on moving to France and New Zealand.
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The NZ government has a number of jobs online that may be of interest to you. Also try the various district and city council websites for advertised jobs. And maybe you could find a place to rent on a site like this, or even this ... but probably not.
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The New Zealand government just changed the rules regarding immigration. You get more 'points' for moving straight into a job, not moving to Auckland, working in IT, etc.
Have a look at the NZ govt immigration site - if your not looking at moving there permanently I'd suggest looking into the 2 year work visa.

NZ Job sites -
NZ Herald employment
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Thanks everyone, some good pointers here.
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Oh, that's pretty wild. I did the assessment online and apparently I qualify as a "skilled migrant". And after all these years of professing a complete lack of skills...interesting.
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Check it the rules. Get a job. Easy peasy. It will help you to get a work permit if your trade is something in demand, the criterion is usually that no suitable local is available to do it.

If I were you I'd wait a bit until the NZD-USD crossrate is better.
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